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Smart Medicine for Your Eyes


While we rely tremendously on our eyes, often we take their health for granted. It is only when our vision becomes impaired that we fully realize the degree to which we depend on these complex, integral parts of our bodies. When you are seeking an optometrist, it is important to find properly trained and conscientious professionals with the most up-to-date knowledge and equipment. Dr. Anshel and his staff have years of experience treating a variety of eye issues and are here to serve you.

We specialize in these following services:

  • Eye Nutrition Counseling
  • Treatment of Eye Diseases
  • Computer-Viewing Eyestrain
  • Children's Vision Concerns
  • Sport's Vision Testing and Training
  • Vision Enhancement Programs
  • LASIK Evaluations and Non-Surgical Programs
  • "Smart" Glasses


If you have any inquiries please visit our "Contact Us" page or you can call us during business hours at 760-931-1390. We welcome your comments as they help  us to service you better.


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Smart Medicine for Your Eyes

Nutrition for Vision Interview

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